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Love on a Leash Yorkies

            In Loving Memory of Paco. 

About our Yorkies

Breeder Bio:

 Our yorkie puppies are raised in our home.  They are handled daily and   played with so they become well socialized pets. Our puppies are properly wormed, and their shots are up-to-date. We provide a starter supply of their current food to help him or her adjust to their new home.

The Yorkshire Terrier is an outgoing, friendly little dog with tons of courage and 'spunk'.​ It truly is a tiny dog with the heart of a lion. This breed makes a loyal, attentive companion and is generally good with children and other dogs but can be bossy or nippy if not well socialized or trained. A Yorkie will never believe it's a small dog, don't expect it to back down in a dispute.

Shared photos from our customers

Beverly Nieboer a 25 years plus Michigan Yorkie breeder. Beverly and her daughter Kim Nyland, who has been breeding Yorkies for 8 years,  now work together to provide quality Yorkie pets. Prior to Beverly retiring in March of 2011 from the busyness of everyday grooming, she owned and worked at Wags to Whiskers Pet Care in Reed City, MI. There she provided grooming and boarding services. At times she served as a rescue/ placement for surrendered and lost dogs and cats. She has a great love for dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers